In My Own Opinion

In my own opinion,

Canada is not made for everyone.


because it can be too cold for you, try one day to work in a freezer, after you might have an answer.

Can you live alone for a moment, I recommend coming with someone,

you will share the stay, rental fees & have some companies to explore.

With this new flexible regulation, you come for a visit, and find a job in the high demand sector to open a work visa & after you can look for a better job or a job you would like to do.

I got a video of what to visit in Canada.

Do your research for:

What type of career, jobs, and work is in my video & written description with link info working in Canada?

Which cities = rental, weather, community in Canada you would like to have a career, jobs, work for you,

In my video & written description with link info Stay in Canada.

After your vacation rental, I recommend renting a room to start, meeting in person, taking license plate, make sure is the landlord. Verified what is included in rental. Google it to rent a room in the city you want. &  save money for future upgrade classes or move to somewhere else.

There is nothing wrong with trying a job for free. When you want a job you like, One day maybe 2 max. I think is the best way to know for you & your boss.

& you can work 2 jobs it’s doable.

Unfortunately, Canada it’s a little stiff on some career accreditation depending on the province, they start to reduce some requirements because need people to replace some who will be retired soon.

For example, Quebec construction needs a permit to work, Ontario & others not really except gas, electricity & few others.

Or some career

I recommend doing social activities or & volunteering for your social network.

As a carpenter framer

I was born in Montreal Quebec, and I went to work in Calgary Alberta, after I found my niche of work in Toronto.

This means you might move to find your niche of work. Try to do some savings as possible.

Each province in Canada got a few big cities & they got surrounding. Like Toronto, some live outside & work outside of the city of Toronto. We call this the GTA.

Or you might find a job anywhere else in the country.

And if you don’t find or don’t like it for any reason at least with your low expense you might be able to move somewhere else opinion .

& stay positive

Thank you

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